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«To communicate with Ethos, Pathos, Logos»



Born in Rome.

After a Master's Degree in Architecture, majoring in interior design and art history, started work as a freelance travel writer with leading travel, fashion and life style publications and edited a Mauritius Islands Guide for Geo Travel.

Continued in the field of journalism and as an Executive Editor, P.R., Communication, Marketing Manager working in Italy, abroad,  and I have a Digital Marketing Master.

I create MarkCom strategies (Marketing and Communication): a  "professional" bridge between brands and consumers.

Hard Skills

My strengths?

Performances, responsibility, scrupulosity, creativity, sincerity (understood as transparency), leadership (as a democratic exercise), a manager who identifies his role in "doing" rather than "being".

Some words to define myself: I'm a citizen of the word, professional nomad, digitale native and rhizomatich, last one for Gilless Deleuze filosopy. 

Architecture + Design + Creativity + MarkCom: a perfect mix & match.

I am a passionate about cooking and  a fashion male long learning.

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